Zeke Grader (1947-2015), Winner of the 2015 Jean Auer Environmental Award

William “Zeke” Grader, Jr. worked for decades to ensure sustainable fisheries for all Californians. His leadership and drive resulted in countless actions to rebuild depleted fish stocks, decrease bycatch, and protect and restore fish habitats. Zeke’s tireless campaigns increased awareness among millions of people in the Bay Area, Sacramento, Washington D.C., and beyond of the importance of our fishing communities, and the critical links between these highly valued industries and California’s water management actions.

William “Zeke” Grader, Jr. passed away on September 7, 2015. He is survived by his wife, Lois Prentice. Zeke’s work will continue to inspire the community of people working toward better conditions for California’s watersheds, estuaries and coast.

This video was produced for the San Francisco Estuary Partnership by EarthNews Journal staff (Jerry Kay, Host and Chris Kay, Producer).

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