Every Week is #SharkWeek! With Jean-Michel Cousteau

This Thank You Ocean Podcast was produced for the California Thank You Ocean Campaign by EarthNews Journal staff (Jerry Kay, Host and Chris Kay, Producer).

It’s #SharkWeek!, when more people watch, share and talk about shark stories than any other time of the year. Some tales are thrilling, some are scary, and some are intentionally silly. (We’re looking at you, #Sharknado!) But sharks play an important role in the ocean’s overall health. We talk with Jean-Michel Cousteau, son of famed Jacques Cousteau and leader of Ocean Futures Society. He tells us about these fascinating creatures, how they are threatened by human actions, and how they need to be protected rather than feared.

Everyday Action: Fins from up to 73 million sharks are used every year for shark fin soup, resulting in the collapse of many shark populations worldwide. Find out about shark finning and support movements and legislation that ban shark finning practices.

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