Blu Homes Factory Tour


You’ll feel like you are in a time machine on this factory tour. Not only will you stroll inside a restored 1930s factory, you’ll see how a Blu Home is built from start to finish. My guests are [read more]

Ocean Explorers


Explore. Discover. Protect. That’s the mission of MARE, Marine Applied Research & Exploration. We recently met with their Executive Director Dirk Rosen and Operations Engineer Rick Botman to [read more]

Whale Alert App


Slow-moving whales are vulnerable to ship strikes, since feeding and migration areas overlap with shipping lanes. The public and mariners on the West Coast now can use an app to help decrease the [read more]

Gaia GPS


Here’s a great app for hikers, backpackers, campers, and bikers who may find themselves without cell phone coverage. My guest is Andrew Johnson, co-founder of Gaia [read more]
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