The Nature Journal Club


Did you know that drawing can improve memory and brain functions, strengthen observation skills and enhance creativity? My guest on this report is John Muir Laws, founder and host of The Bay Area [read more]

Birding By Ear


How do you identify birds if you can’t see them? Wildlife and avian biologist Daniel Edelstein offers some helpful tip. And you will find lots more information about birding at his [read more]

Celebrating the New Year with the Birds


We recently visited the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge and recorded these sounds of the thousands of birds that we saw. It’s an incredible outing and winter is the perfect time of year for [read more]

Creating a Backyard Wildlife Habitat


Whether you have a large backyard or small deck, you can create a habitat for birds to visit. Certified wildlife biologist Daniel Edelstein is my guest. [display_podcast] If you have questions about [read more]

All About Birds


Many of you are interested in birds and you have lots of questions. My aim is to help answer them. This is episode #1 in our bird series and our guest is Daniel Edelstein, a certified wildlife [read more]