California King Tides: “Snap the Shore, See the Future”

Upcoming 2015 King Tides dates: February 17-19, 2015

What will happen to our coastline with sea level rise and how will it impact your community? You can help answer these questions through snapping photos during California’s “King Tides”–the highest tides of the year. We talk with Sara Aminzadeh, Executive Director of the California Coastkeeper Alliance, about California’s King Tides Project, where citizens can play a part in helping scientists and managers visualize the impacts of rising waters along our California Coast.

Everyday Action: Get out during a King Tides event and take pictures of your favorite coastal spots. Make sure to share them with the California King Tides Project!

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This Thank You Ocean Podcast was produced for the California Thank You Ocean Campaign by EarthNews Journal staff (Jerry Kay, Host and Chris Kay, Producer).

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