About the EarthNews Journal

EarthNews Journal podcasts start with a pretty simple idea. We focus our reports on people who are leaders and innovators — those doing real work in the real world. Topics can range widely from inventions to education to travel and media. But all of our stories highlight the people who are impacting their fields and places where they work and the broader community.

While our reporters have our own sources, we also rely heavily on your ideas for our stories. So please send your suggestions for stories to ideas@earthnewsjournal.com. Because we are a small team, you will get a personal reply to each idea. We may not be able to cover each one but we will try and we will respond to you.

A bit about our team…

Jerry Kay, Journalist
Jerry began his career in San Francisco as Public Affairs Director at KFRC Radio. He was the host and producer of EarthNews (heard on CBS radio stations nationwide) and the host of Beyond Organic (heard on Sirius Satellite Radio). He chaired the Department of Educational Media at the California Academy of Sciences and was publisher for the Environmental News Network. Jerry is the recipient of the Excellence in Journalism award from the San Francisco Bay Institute and shares a Peabody Award as part of the KCBS News Radio team coverage of the 1989 San Francisco earthquake. Currently, Jerry is the Journalist-in-Residence for the A.P.Giannini Foundation and also writes, produces and reports on a variety of podcasts (including Aquarium of the Air for the Monterey Bay Aquarium). He has a BA from San Francisco State University.

Chris Kay, Executive Producer
Chris publishes all content produced by the EarthNews Journal team. She was editor of the Science in Action Learning Series, six children’s books for the California Academy of Sciences. Chris was part of the team that developed the live government television channel for the County of Marin, one of the first in the country. Chris is also a videographer and editor having produced over 400 videos. She has produced videos for a variety of clients including  San Francisco Bay Joint Venture and San Francisco Estuary Partnership. She recently completed a series of podcasts in English and Spanish for the Monterey Bay Aquarium. She has a BA from Sonoma State University.

A bit about our history…

  • Science in Action radio program for the California Academy of Sciences heard on KCBS Radio in San Francisco for 25 years
  • EarthNews syndicated on CBS Radio nationally
  • Beyond Organic aired on Sirius Satellite Radio

We have also produced many podcasts in addition to EarthNews Journal including:

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