hiking in California

Wandering in the Berkeley Hills


Looking for inspiration? On this ENJ Short, Jerry Kay recommends taking a walking tour in the hills of Berkeley, California. The map he used is “Berkeley and Its Pathways” which is [read more]

Insuring Art for All


Did you know that in 1975 Congress created an arts indemnity program to help minimize the cost of insurance for art exhibitions? And without it, great works of art would not be available for the [read more]

California’s Water Dilemmas


Experts are saying that the extreme rains Northern California has received this winter will not solve California’s water problems. On this report, two leaders in the field of water management offer [read more]
Dual Immersion Education

Dual Immersion Education


Two-way bilingual immersion programs are not replacing English with another language, but rather provide the students with an great opportunity to acquire a second language. My guest is Sara Rich [read more]
Watch Your Mouth!

Watch Your Mouth!


Did you know that that there are more microbes in our mouths than the number of people living on the earth? And you can learn so much more about the inside of your mouth in the new book “Watch Your [read more]
Fifty Years of Conservation Science

Fifty Years of Conservation Science


Meet Ellie Cohen, President & CEO of Point Blue and hear how this innovative organization is advancing nature-based solutions — to climate change, habitat loss, and other environmental [read more]
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